Let's Talk TBI


If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it’s important to know you’re not alone. 

“Let’s Talk TBI” was created in partnership between Project Enlist and The 38 Challenge to educate warriors on how brain injuries could be impacting their behavior and cognitive functions, provide hope for ways to improve their mental health now, and encourage those affected to pledge their brain for research so we can help warriors in the future.

In the “Let’s Talk TBI” videos below, other service members and veterans share their experiences with brain injuries and the mental health battles that come with them.

The 38 Challenge Podcast

The 38 Challenge was founded in memory of USMC Captain Matthew Brewer and former linebacker at The Naval Academy (#38), who died by suicide in 2021. Hosted by Captain Brewer’s brother, Brandt McCartney, who is also the Military Program Manager at CLF, The 38 Challenge Podcast allows influential warriors, athletes, business leaders, and other inspiring humans the chance to share their unique mental health testimonies to show society that nothing is stronger than showing vulnerability.